YMMV / The Darkest Hour

  • Fridge Logic
    • If the aliens are after conductive metals, why aren't they touching the various metal objects around? Lampposts, downed airplanes, cars, etc. The entire city is untouched except where the aliens are drilling for metal.
    • Also, it is stated that glass panes and Faraday cages (somehow) render humans invisible to the aliens. So couldn't a lot of the plot (and a lot of death) been averted by doing the sensible thing and move around in cars?
      • Presumably the aliens can "see" if a car's electronic components are operating or not.
    • If the aliens are blind to visible light, as demonstrated by their inability to see through glass, how'd they come up with their invisibility-effect in the first place?
    • Also, why are characters who know the aliens can't see through glass, hence aren't using visible light, still so reluctant to cross the city in daylight? Moving at night gives the humans no protection and puts their own primary sense at a severe disadvantage.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Skyler gets Killed Off for Real? They can rebuild him!
  • Homegrown Hero: Aliens attack and level Moscow. The leads are a bunch of American tourists (and a Swede who quickly dies being stupid). Though The Real Heroes are Russian cops, a Russian engineer, and Russian naval officers on a submarine. The Americans are just the fast-talking dumbasses running from place to place getting the various badasses to link up.
  • Special Effect Failure: A literal example, oddly enough. The effect for the invisible aliens (so that the audience can see them) only works in 3D; on a 2D screen, they are simply not there, and the effect is entirely lost.
    • The aliens themselves can look kind of CG-ish in areas.