YMMV / The Cries Of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • HSQ: By the end of chapter 3, it becomes high, Everest high.
  • Narm: Subverted. The scene where Kyon speaks to Nagato's severed head could have been this, but the way it's handled makes it very poignant instead.
  • Nausea Fuel: See No Periods, Period.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Of course...
  • Tear Jerker: Holy god.
    • Seeing the SOS Brigade, usually associated with happiness, friendship, and love, being torn apart at the seams in the most horrifying way possible.
    • The deaths of Haruhi and Yuki, as well as Rika's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • In Tsukuribanashi, the scene where it finally sinks in that Mikuru is terrified of Kyon after he hurt her (hallucinating that she was Rena).
    • The ending of Tsukuribanashi, especially Haruhi's death and "Don't leave me."