Funny / The Cries Of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • This, from Kamigoroshi Chapter 2:
    Her eyes had migrated downward. I realized that waking up with a frazzled (and exhausted, at this point) Nagato straddling you with her hands on your chest would be quite the interesting experience. I'm sure that Taniguchi would pay his life's savings to see this moment. In retrospect, I'm going to call this 'poetic justice'. Or maybe 'irony'. Or something.
  • From the same chapter, the entire scene in which Kyon and Rika compare backstories.
    "Okay... well, have you ever nearly been murdered by a psychotic schoolgirl?"
  • In Chapter 3, Kyon's reaction to his discovery that he's in 1983. In Tsukuribanashi, the reactions of Keiichi's family to the same discovery are even funnier.
  • In Tsukuribanashi, everyone was wondering where they would sleep the night. Then along comes this gem, starting with Kyon:
    "There's not enough room for all of us. Unless any of you can sleep standing up, someone can't sleep here."
    "Well, I guess you can sleep with me, sir." said Rika.
    The slack-jawed look that mixed disgust, horror, and the pure essence of "what." that Haruhi gave me and Rika was something so spectacular that I could barely contain myself. Seriously, this moment is the number one reason that this story should be adapted into visual media.