YMMV / The Black Heart

  • Awesome Music: Red, the credits theme song.
    • In addition, it's the theme for Ananzi's death at the hands of her own father.
  • Complete Monster: Prince Janos of the Other World is an aspiring Evil Overlord who desires nothing but total domination over others. He launches gruesome wars of conquest against the peaceful wishes of his father the king, then kills him to usurp his throne and absorb the powers of his heart. When the guardian spirit Final steals the heart to protect it from Janos, he frames Final for the murder and manipulates his daughter Ananzi to earn her place as his lieutenant by destroying Final for him. When Ananzi discovers the truth after weakening Final, Janos kills her without remorse before destroying Final and acquiring ultimate power.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Peketo, he's one of the most popular characters of the game.
    • And to a lesser extent, Noroko.
  • Narm: Peketo is undoubtedly a serial-killing Creepy Child, but one can't help but wonder how he and for that matter, the psychiatrist in Peketo's intro is able to decapitate people with that teeny tiny scalpel.
  • Nausea Fuel: The Prison stage. Whats is that thing walking beneath the grated floor anyway?!?
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Noroko is a great source of this. She usually has no face, but randomly, in her idle pose, she acquires two sunken pits for eyes and a mouth, and emits a horrible screech. One of her moves involves faking a cry and, if the opponent hits her in this state, she'll turn all red and scream loud as hell, sending the opponent flying. The "Soul Punishment" special involves her playing volleyball with the opponent's soul. The final hit, after an instant of complete silence and stillness, will sometimes flash, very quickly, some creepy image, like her doll covered in blood, or a close-up of an eye, followed by (you guessed it) a scream. And if the opponent dies with that final hit, the soul doesn't bounce back to the body, like it normally would; it is destroyed.
      • And then, you have her fatal move. Remember her "fake cry" move from above ? The same, but from the point of view of the victim.
    • Peketo is a Creepy Child Serial Killer who was horribly abused by his occult-obsessed father, and is fascinated with blood and the color red. He became a ghoul-like creature by making multiple ancient pacts with the dead and being beheaded by his psychiatrist as revenge for Peketo murdering his brother. When fighting, Peketo will slash anything in his way with a giant smile on his face, and one of his victory poses is casually pulling out his own severed head and showing it to the opponent's corpse.