YMMV / Tales of the Questor

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Rosad Athair Beither the Monster Maker a Well-Intentioned Extremist? After spending a good part of his lifetime aiding in the fight against monsters, he began to believe that all monsters had a single source, the Patronum Monstrum. He did terrible, unspeakable thing trying to prove that every evil unnatural monster in the world could be duplicated through the use of biomancy. His findings were so startling that when he was finally captured and put on trial, he was kept alive for a full year to collect and sort his notes. And there's been no proof that he was wrong. If he is right, and ultimately could have pointed to a single, destroyable source for the evil creatures of the world, then his work could go right into Utopia Justifies the Means, since until that source is stopped, there will always be evil monsters continuously ravaging the land, and it will be impossible for most of the world to advance out of The Dung Ages, since anyone who tries will inevitably draw dragons, giants, and other horrors down on his head. Yes, his methods were horrifying, but there's a reason why we have a trope called The Extremist Was Right...
  • Mary Suetopia: The filler pages of a human scholar's travels in Antillas highlights the issues; they're a race of Persecuted Intellectuals who have built a Hidden Elf Civilization in order to practice their talents without interference from their much more numerous and belligerent neighbors. As a result, they are incredibly scientifically advanced in comparison to the other races, have a near monopoly on Lux/Magical expertise among the mortal races, are unbelievably prosperous despite not only running out of the metals necessary to maintain a technological civilization, but starting to lose entire villages to environmental damage(but a genius ends up growing a plant that can GROW metal out of Bauxite poisoned soil which might very well solve both issues).