Funny / Tales of the Questor

  • The trial to determine which candidate becomes the questor — or rather, the complete lack thereof. Also, Quentyn's reaction on the next page.
  • The comedy of the "Tumbledowns" arc reaches its peak with Quentyn performing an improvisation on stage. Mother-naked.
  • "Nurse.. could you give me that curtain pull rod thingy in the corner for just a moment?" Oh yes.
  • About half of the tumbledown arc.
    Quintyn: Squidge?? I didn't know you could fly!
    Squidge: Neither did Squidge—until Questor jump from roof to roof and drop Squidge halfway.
    Mulharney: He was caught by the arresting officers running down the main street of Silvergate Community in apparent hysterics, stark naked and carrying a potted plant...from which, ah, he was trying to make a leaf skirt. He led the guardsmen on a five minute chase, apparently because he noticed that two of the guardsmen were female...he only told them this after several minutes screaming 'In the name of of sweet loving Yeshu somebody give me some pants.' So we have trespassing, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, possible vandalism or theft—if you count the plant—public indecency
    Arbitrator: Oh, let him go, Mulharney.
    Mulharney: Sir...
    Arbitrator: What, you don't think he's suffered enough? Let him go already! (biting back laughter) Oh lord...tell me the part about the potted plant again...
    Mulharney: You see, I recognized the Questor from the start. He didn't recognize me, of course, but then, he had been a bit groggy after the Rat-King incident.
  • When the Duke finds out his old childhood friend has elf-sight, and her "imaginary" games weren't quite so imaginary.
    Ellen: I can only imagine what's running through your mind, your Grace...
    Duke: At the moment? The time you told the there was a monster under my bed when I was ten.
    • Later on.
    "Sweet merciful CRAP, there's a girl in the room, could someone give me a TOWEL?!"
  • When the Duke explains that there is an enemy about to ride against the duchy, the orcish traders decide to repay them for being allowed to trade.
    Orc: Name your enemy—and he die like stinking dog!
    Duke: A Princeling court of the Unseleighe Fey.
    Orc: Oh. Bye-bye. (flees)
  • "You evil old goat." Quentyn's father shows how Blasť Boast is done.
  • Rahan's jokeespecially after Squidge gets involved. Mm-hm!
  • At the end of the Silver Springs arc, right after Liz's cousin comes running up with a handful of rubies and sapphires from one of the plots.
    Max: Well, well, well! I'm sure our biomancer has some intriguing explanation for— [klunk] —ah. Well, then, perhaps after his nap.
  • After Quentyn gets home from the city after getting his sword back from the Royals, he goes to see his parents. This is the result.
  • Refuge in Audacity at it's finest.
    Cultist: Selling cookies?
    Junior Questor: It's how we raise money for our uniforms and stuff.
    Cultist: In the Tumbledowns?
    Junior Questor: Not everybody gets to pick the street they were born on, mister.
    Cultist: At this hour?
    Junior Questor: I caught you at home, didn't I?
    Cultist: Got any macaroons?
  • *SHLORP* Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, as it finally puts a smile back on Quentyn's face for the first time in months.
  • The fact that the White Stag, seen only by those chosen by God, went personally as a messenger to Quentyn's family. Along with the hawk that ate Quentyn's message. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.