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YMMV: Tales of Pirx the Pilot
Funny Moment: Almost the entirety of "Pirx's Tale". The hired crew is a ragtag bunch of misfits: most of the crew is stricken down with mumps for the entirety of the story, the radio operator is a passive-aggressive, alcoholic Mexican, and the engineer is actually a decent guy... only he's a highway engineer. The ship is also a wreck. Pirx, completely exhausted, restricts himself to either reading sci-fi pulp novels in his bunk, hunting the radio operators booze stashes, or snarking about the whole mission.
"Every takeoff and landing took place in infringement of all laws - not only those of physics."
Hilarious in Hindsight: For the readers. Albatross was written in 1959. It begins with Pirx sitting on a deck of an enormous, luxurious (space)ship called the Titan which is uncrashable, musing on the ridicules of high society and admiring a beautiful lady who's traveling first-class. Sounds familiar? The plot shifts to entirely different things in a few pages, though… And the Titan DOESN'T crash.

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