YMMV / Sweetie's Mansion

  • Genius Bonus: Twilight being reduced to an old mare because of her attack by a ghost prior to Sweetie Belle's discovering the mansion actually references a lot of older ghost stories, where humans who encountered hostile ghosts were often aged or crippled as a result. In Dungeons & Dragons, in fact, early editions had aging people as one of the special effects ghost attacks could have.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The first actual nightmare Sweetie has while she was sleeping in the mansion. She finds herself in a middle of a dark forest where there's a campfire surrounded by her friends. Rarity beckons Sweetie to come to her for a hug and safety in her arms while telling her that she will be safe here. It was until after she hugged her that Sweetie notices that Apple Bloom was wearing a Slasher Smile on her face followed by creepy laughter coming from everypony else. Everypony in the campfire has that same Slasher Smile growing bigger and bigger while the laughter got louder. Sweetie tries to let go of Rarity but Rarity wouldn't let her while she keeps telling her that everything is fine her voice becoming more insane by the minute. Then all of Sweetie was pulled off of the ground from behind and was losing all will to live, before she loses her consciousness in the dream Sweetie saw her hoof got crushed to pieces by a pony she couldn't see…and then she wakes up to see a smiling ghost trying to steal her soul.
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Sweetie Belle is in a house full of ghosts that want her dead and keep telling her that her sister hates her, you can’t help but feel sorry for her.
    • Everyone who was turned into ghosts also qualified due to being trapped in their ghostly forms being forced to be happy about doing the horrible things to Sweetie. Even after they get rescued and turned back to normal like it was a bad dream, they still remember the kind of things they do as ghosts.