YMMV / Superman: Doomsday

  • Complete Monster: In this Animated Adaptation of The Death of Superman, Toyman, a psychopath with an unhealthy obsession with children, is the most repulsive villain in the film, despite being a secondary villain. After Superman seemingly dies, a crime wave hits Metropolis and Toyman uses a giant robot spider to rob banks, then uses the robot to take a school bus full of children hostage and threatens to drop the bus off a building if the cops don't let him keep the money he stole. Lois Lane manages to save most of the kids, but a robot toy on the bus prevents her and one of the children from leaving. Seeing that most of the children he kidnapped have escaped, Toyman attacks Lois and the child. Toyman's robot throws the bus off the building with Lois and the child on board. Lois and the child are saved by a seemingly returned Superman—really a Superman clone—who easily defeats and captures Toyman. Toyman quickly escapes from the police and attacks a day care center. The police manage to subdue him, but not before Toyman kills a 4-year-old girl. Upon hearing this, the Superman clone becomes enraged and confronts the recently recaptured Toyman. Toyman complains that Superman is violating his rights and the Superman clone responds by dropping Toyman to his death. Toyman was such a vile excuse for a human being, that after dealing with him, the Superman clone snapped and went from a decent hero to a Knight Templar.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Lex Luthor had invented a cure for muscular distrophy, but withholds it until he can modify it to be more profitable. In Justice League: Gods And Monsters, Lex appears to be in bad need of that medicine himself.
  • Ho Yay: Lex Luthor's obsession raised quite a few eyebrows. His interactions with clone Superman in the red sun room don't help matters. It's one thing to use a red sun room and Kryptonite-knuckled gauntlets to beat up a Superman clone, even if it concludes with straddling the supine Superman clone to taunt "who's your daddy", it's another to grab him and wail, "Why did you leave me? WHY?!"
  • Memetic Mutation: "And you are on MY NAUGHTY LIST!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Clone Superman walking into a random barber shop and performing brain surgery on himself.
    • When Clone Superman rescues the cat, you're not sure if he's gonna return the cat to the old lady or kill it in front of her.
  • Squick: Suspicious of Luthor, Clone Superman casually walks into a beauty parlor and sits at one mirror in what at first is a really bizarre scene. He then uses his x-ray vision to spot the kryptonite encased in lead that Luthor planted in his brain. He then surgically removes it with his heat vision and a pair of scissors. We don't see any of this, but it's no wonder one of the workers fainted.