Tear Jerker / Superman: Doomsday

  • Superman's death, though the ending is a Foregone Conclusion.
  • Lois going to Ma Kent and admitting how torn up Superman's death has left her.
  • Ma Kent has a particularly effective one during Superman's "death", breaking down in her own home after having just watched her own (adopted) son die on national television. Not to say Lois didn't have a good one at that moment either, as he died right in her arms having never told her he was Clark Kent (even though she knew it already, she just wanted him to admit it).
    • Superman's death affecting the many people was heart wrenching; his robot and the people were saddened, and even Luthor was silent, though perhaps for different reasons.
      • Just the notion that Superman's death could get an emotional reaction from a machine is pretty poignant in itself.
    • If you listen, you can actually hear Lois whisper "Clark". she knows, and has just lost the man she loves because he's just too damn noble to quit.
    • In a scene, Lois enters Perry White's office and finds him drinking some whisky, and she looks surprised and disappointed at the same time. The implication is that Perry may have had some drinking problem in the past, and him not managing to stay sober is a sign of how much he grieves over Superman's death despite trying to not show it.
  • The death of Clone!Superman, telling the real Superman to protect the city.
    Clone Superman: Pro-... protect the people...
    Superman: That's why I'm here.
    (Clone Superman dies.)
  • The news report of Toyman killing a young girl.