YMMV / Super

  • Alternate Character Interpretation - Intentionally done with Frank. Is he a hero? Is he just crazy? Is he both?
  • Cult Classic: Has become one in recent years thanks to James Gunn's involvement with Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Designated Hero: While Frank may have had reasons to become a superhero, Libby's motivation was fueled because she likes the thrill of it and isn't morally restrained.
  • Heartwarming Moments - Frank looking at his wall of memories with his new pet bunny at the end of the movie.
    • Not to mention just before that, when Frank recounts all of the good that came out of his rescuing Sarah, culminating in her having a stable, loving family with four kids.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Libby repeatedly uses 'gay' as an insult, particularly during her Badass Boast after running over some bad guys. This is funny when you consider that Ellen Page later came out as a lesbian in 2014.
  • Moment of Awesome - Take your pick. Libby's Car Fu and Frank's Roaring Rampage of Revenge at the end come to mind. Hard to believe Rainn Wilson could pull off a convincing Rambo/Terminator act, and then you see it happen...
    • Frank's last line before stabbing Jacques to death is chillingly awesome.
      Jacques: Do you really think that killing me, stabbing me to death, is going to change the world?
      Frank: I can't know that... for sure... unless I try.
  • Moral Event Horizon - If you needed any more convincing that Jacques is a horrible person, giving Sarah to a fellow drug dealer so he can rape her as part of sweetening a business deal cements it. Even his fellow cronies look disgusted.
    • An earlier scene had Libby killing the guy who allegedly keyed her friend's car. This was cut out in fear that this would cause her to cross this too early.
    • Libby's rape of Frank certainly counts.
  • Older Than They Think - A lot of people have accused Super of ripping off Kick-Ass because it uses the idea of a normal guy trying to be a superhero (even though the film was in the works since 2001) when the "real-life superhero" genre dates as far back to the 1980 John Ritter comedy Hero at Large and had later been used in Defendor and Special.
  • Squick - "It's all gooshy."
    • Frank's visions have a tendency toward this.
  • Tear Jerker - Libby's death and Frank's subsequent devastated reaction is heartbreaking.
  • What an Idiot!: Boltie repeatedly refers to The Crimson Bolt by his Secret Identity, Frank, after they beat up the guy that allegedly keyed her friend's car in his house (That The Crimson Bolt is wanted by the police didn't help matters). He promptly starts to leave the premises with her. Perhaps justified by her getting overly excited and panicked during her first superhero outing.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Her Back?: Frank clearly loves Sarah and she is the one who drives his actions throughout the film. But judging from how she was only using him as a stepping stone to get back on her feet as a recovering addict and later on, leaves Frank for Jacques without hesitation, it becomes clear that she never loved Frank to begin with. Even after Frank rescues her from Jacques, she pretty much leaves him for another man anyways, leaving Frank all alone once more.