YMMV / Studio Killers

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Cherry supposed to be a good person, or a selfish hypocrite?
  • Awesome Music: Where to even start!? I (We?) know! how about "Eros and Apollo", or maybe "Jenny"? heck, pretty much any song these guys do will turn out to be this.
  • Crack Ship: Cherry has been paired with Miku Hatsune by some- after all, you gotta have virtual musicians with turquoise hair!
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: It's widely accepted/theorized that Cherry's singing voice is that of a male singer. Namely, Teemu Brunila of The Crash fame. Certainly helped by the final line of "All Men Are Pigs" being "All men but me."
    • Jossed, the song is sung from the point of view of a guy saying all OTHER men are pigs and that they are not the same as the rest but by the end, show they are also a pig.
  • Ear Worm: All Men Are Pigs. The way the singer says "I am better than you think" will get stuck in your head.
  • Friendly Fandoms: with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, due to the familiar themes and musical style.
  • Ho Yay: If their Tumblr is anything to go by, Goldie and Dyna apparently like to "have a nuzzle now and then."
  • Signature Song: "Jenny" or "Ode To The Bouncer"
  • LGBT Fanbase: Cherry, both for being a diva and singing a lot of songs about girl-girl romance.
  • Misblamed: "All Men Are Pigs" is not a man-bashing song. In context, the title (and "...all men but me) is meant to be a hypocritical pick-up line coming from a guy who claims to be "better" than the typical male. Granted, it is supposed to reinforce Cherry's already low opinion of men, but there are still those who just take it at face value.
  • Ugly Cute: The air-humping pigs from All Men Are Pigs.
  • Uncanny Valley: Cherry in a lot of the videos, particularly Ode to the Bouncer.
  • X Meets Y: Gorillaz meets Vocaloid.