YMMV / Stephanie Plum

  • Arc Fatigue: Most, if not a good chunk, of the readers are really over the Stephanie/Morelli/Ranger Love Triangle and formulaic plotlines. Hell, the first reader comments about Tricky Twenty Two on Goodreads essentially boil down to "When is something decent going to happen, PICK ONE ALREADY, and when is this series going to end?"
    Goodreads Reviewer: Am I the only one that's found herself thinking "What are you doing, Steph. This is like book 5 sh*t."
  • Chaotic Good: Stephanie defines this trope.
  • Complete Monster: Benito Ramirez is a violent boxer who absolutely loves to torture, rape, and mutilate women just because he can and because he likes to make a point of them that he's so powerful that he can do it to whomever he wants, whenever he wants. In the first book, he stalks Stephanie, even, at one point, calling her in the middle of the night and leaving a voicemail that's being recorded as he assaults a pleading, screaming woman and taunts them both. Later, he rapes and absolutely brutalizes a prostitute, whom Stephanie had spoken to about Ramirez earlier that day and leaves her bloody, unconscious, naked body tied up on Stephanie's balcony. In the fifth book, he tries to break into Stephanie's apartment.
  • Fridge Horror: Stephanie repeatedly glosses over Morelli's attempts to "play train" with her in the garage when she was little, but it does lead one to wonder why the adolescent Morelli knows about these sex games...
  • Idiot Ball: Stephanie refuses to carry a gun most of the time, and is continuously involved in situations where having a gun, even as a threat, would have gotten her out easily. Even when she's being stalked by very dangerous people, she acts like the gun is more dangerous than the stalker, and has to depend on someone else saving her. How she got this attitude toward firearms in a city where even the seniors are packing as if they were in Dirty Harry is anyone's guess.
  • Les Yay: Stephanie and, of all people, Ranger's housekeeper Ella. Apparently Bulgari shower gel, excellent cooking, and well-laundered 700 thread count sheets are inherently orgasmic.
    Stephanie: If there was a woman that could make me turn, it would be Ella.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Some fans' reaction to the casting of Katherine Heigl in One For The Money.