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Funny: Stephanie Plum
  • The scene in One For the Money where Grandma Mazur shoots the chicken. Really must be read to be believed.
    • It's even more hilarious in the film.
    • How Stephanie catches Morelli. She locks him in a freezer truck.
  • Stephanie's suggestions of how to deal with Axe Crazy Tyson pastiche Benito Ramirez.
    • "Get him psychiatric help. Lock him up. Take him to the vet and get him neutered."
  • Pretty much anything the lovable neighbourhood stoners, Dougie and Mooner, do.
  • Bob. Need we say any more?
  • To the Nines features a truly hilarious moment involving Lula throwing a giant pink thong at Tom Jones, only for her to discover later that it's not the real Tom Jones, but an impersonator.
    • It also had Mrs. Apusenja, this book's FTA's dragon of a landlady.
  • In Lean Mean Thirteen, Stephanie and Lula accidentally blow up a house where the perp was growing hundreds of marijuana plants. They get high off the smoke, and the results are hilarious.
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