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YMMV: Status Quo
  • Broken Base: It's generally agreed that there are two main types of Quo fan. There are those who will listen all types of Quo, regardless of style or lineup. Then there are those who only consider the heavy, hard rock of the "Frantic Four" to be proper, pure Quo and aren't keen on anything made after the late 70's when the band started experimenting with synths and different production techniques.
  • Covered Up: Few are likely to know that "Rockin' All Over the World" was originally a John Fogerty song.
    • Or that "In The Army Now" was originally recorded by the Dutch duo Bolland & Bolland.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome
    • Opening Live Aid in 1985 with "Rockin' All Over The World".
    • The Frantic Four reunion. The reunion everyone thought would never happen, or was unlikely at best. Yet after nearly 30 years of bitter arguments and legal disputes, the Rossi/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan lineup met up for a Quo documentary in 2012, and then went on a UK tour the next year. And then a final one in 2014!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Status Quo have their own page.
  • Epic Riff: Many, many of their songs contain these. Perhaps the best example is "Caroline".
    • "Paper Plane", "Don't Waste My Time" and "Big Fat Mama" from Piledriver.
    • Those instantly recognisable chords from "Pictures Of Matchstick Men".
    • In fact it would be easier to list the songs that don't contain an Epic Riff

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