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YMMV: Status Quo
  • Broken Base: Many fans do not look favorably upon the band's experiments with synthesisers during the late '70s and '80s.
  • Covered Up: Few are likely to know that "Rockin' All Over the World" was originally a John Fogerty song.
    • Or that "In The Army Now" was originally recorded by the Dutch duo Bolland & Bolland.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome
    • Opening Live Aid in 1985 with "Rockin' All Over The World.
    • The Frantic Four reunion. The reunion everyone thought would never happen, or was unlikely at best. Yet after nearly 30 years of bitter arguments and legal disputes, the Rossi/Parfitt/Lancaster/Coghlan lineup met up for a Quo documentary in 2012, and then went on a UK tour the next year. And then a final one in 2014!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Status Quo have their own page.
  • Epic Riff: Many, many of their songs contain these. Perhaps the best example is "Caroline".
    • "Paper Plane", "Don't Waste My Time" and "Big Fat Mama" from Piledriver.
    • Those instantly recognisable chords from "Pictures Of Matchstick Men".
    • In fact it would be easier to list the songs that don't contain an Epic Riff

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