YMMV / Space Ghost

  • Broken Base: Primarily a debate on where the series is after Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Some see the Adult Swim work has having repurposed a show into being a comedy Cult Classic. While others feel the later shows are embarrassments to the series that was a Cult Classic as it was.
  • Complete Monster: From the 2005 DC miniseries:
    • Quartermaster Temple, the man responsible for ruining the life of Thaddeus Bach—aka Space Ghost— is a member of the Eidolon Elite who leads the Wrath, the Eidolon's most experienced—and corrupt unit. Initially appear as a stern but reasonable man, all pretense of civility dissipates when Temple implodes the head of an amiable weapons dealer and passes his death off as an act of justice. When Bach attempts to expose him, Temple plunges off the deep end by savagely murdering Bach's pregnant wife, tearing the unborn baby out of her, and recording the entire process, leaving Bach for dead on an alien planet shortly after. When the Zorathians invade Meridian, a colony planet where the residents are worked to the bone by Temple, Temple guns down several Zorathians and fleeing innocent civilians himself before siding with their leader Zorak, selling out the entire populace to be slaughtered by the Zorathian in exchange for his own skin and another shot at Bach. Once Zorak betrays him, Temple loses it and butchers his way through the Zorathian mothership in an effort to plunge the entire ship into Meridian and wipe out both the colonists and the Zorathians to eradicate any evidence of his misdeeds, gloating over the impending death of the hundreds of innocents below to Bach with a cocky sneer on his face. Willing to take any means necessary to cover up his immoral affairs, Temple manages to match even the Zorathians in pure depravity.
    • Zorak, in a sharp contrast to his best-known—though not necessarily his original—iteration, is portrayed in this comic as a genocidal, violence-loving creature with the singular goal of devouring all life in the universe until all that is left is himself and his race, the Zorathians. First appearing in-story leading the attempted slaughter of an entire city, Zorak is quickly revealed to be a nightmarish galactic monster who sends out scouts to various planets to test the defenses by killing inhabitants before Zorak and his fleet arrive to massacre the entire planet's population, taking any survivors as slaves or food, then festering in the corpses of the dead population and breeding a new generation of Zorathians in order to repeat the process over again. An utterly sadistic being, Zorak takes deep pleasure from killing all in his path, with his troops attempting to torture children to death being just one notable instance of this, all while keeping himself alive by body jacking his fellow Zorathians when his current body expires. After allying with then betraying the aforementioned Quartermaster Temple, leaving him to die when he outlives his usefulness, Zorak viciously mocks Space Ghost about the death of his wife at Temple's hands, and gleefully boasts his plans to continue his planet devouring spree for all eternity. Harboring a deep hatred and lust to kill for everything that wasn't his own race, Zorak is perhaps one of the most shocking examples of Adaptational Villainy ever conceived.
  • Memetic Mutation: There's lot of unintentionally hilarious moments that have been used as punchlines at different times in the modern era.
  • Narm: The 2005 comic mini series attempts to distance itself from the comical tone of Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet resulted in a take so dark and edgy that it likely ended up eliciting even more laughs than the comedy series as a result.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: This trope is often brought up by fans of the later series that are even surprised there was an older show before. This mostly crops up with the younger members of the fandom. As before the Adult Swim was a block the older Space Ghost found air time on Cartoon Network alongside the new even though the new dominated advertising. People raised around the shows that used characters from this are often surprised to find the original episode and see that Space Ghost, Zorak, Brak, and Moltar are not in any way like their Cartoon Network counterparts.