YMMV: Snow Day

  • Awesome Music: Basically, the entire soundtrack counts as this, but especially Another Dumb Blonde by Hoku.
    • Which is odd, considering at the time of the film's release, most people dismissed "Another Dumb Blonde" as another dumb pop song.
  • Critical Dissonance: Snow Day received mostly negative reviews from critics, but audiences seemed to enjoy it. It surpassed its $13 million production budget with its opening weekend gross, and eventually earned just over $60 million in the United States.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Damian Young, surprisingly not playing a Bus Driver Stu expy in spite of the fact that this was supposed to be the Pete & Pete movie.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Stephen Stills as the main character. Emmanuelle Chiquri and Schulyer Fisk (of Orange County) play the love interests.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Hal. He admits to counting the amount of times Claire blinks per second, he knows a lot about a girl he barely knows, He sniffs her whale bracelet when he gets a hold of it, and he has many behaviors that could count as downright stalking.
    • Stalking Is Love: When Hal, who she barely knows, tells Claire on the news that he knows everything about her, Claire doesn't find it creepy-she finds it romantic.
  • Spiritual Licensee: It was originally written as a film adaptation of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and it shows.