YMMV / Sleepover

  • Cliché Storm
  • Fridge Logic: Steve knows to give Julie the crown because he found the scavenger hunt list. Except the crown wasn't on the list; the girls made that rule up since they initially tied. So how did Steve know to do that?
    • The nerdy guy (I can't remember his name) had written down "get crown" on his scavenger hunt list. The list Steve found is the one the nerdy dude had so he would have seen the "get crown" part
  • Hollywood Homely - Summer Glau, of all people.
    • Julie and her friends. Really, the only difference between Hannah and Stacie is that Stacie curls her hair.
  • Hollywood Nerd: Julie and her friends
    • Spongebob and his friends, although they at least, unlike Julie and co., have several personality quirks.
  • Narm - any scene attempting to be dramatic.
  • Recycled Premise - Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Retroactive Recognition: This movie is almost worth watching due to this. (And it has increased through the years.)