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YMMV: Shocker
  • Complete Monster: Horace Pinker is a psychotic mass murderer in a near-constant violent frenzy who butchers families for fun. He kills the main character Jonathan's mother, brother, and sister after his police detective father gets on Pinker's trail. He kills a handful of cops who try to capture him in his lair. He murders Jonathan's girlfriend in her bathroom. He mutilates two prison guards with his teeth as he's being led to the electric chair, where he reveals that Jonathan is in fact his own son and tried to stop him as Pinker murdered Jonathan's real mother when he was still a little kid. He makes a Deal with the Devil to become an undead being of electricity. He proceeds to possess person after person to continue trying to kill Jonathan, draining their life force completely before discarding his hosts, including a little girl. He possesses people close to Jon so he will be forced to kill his loved ones. All his screen time is spent trying to kill or hurt someone, insulting people, or taunting them with the people he's murdered.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Mitch Pileggi (Pinker) would later go on to play AD Skinner in The X-Files.
    • Jonathan was played by future film director Peter Berg.

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