YMMV / Sandokan

  • Fair for Its Day: To modern audiences, Salgari is a moderate racist and sexist. When the novels were written (between 1883 and 1911), Salgari was a radical proponent of equality between genders and races.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When people explored the area of Mount Kinabalu they found that the lake on whose shores Sandokan was born didn't actually exist. Now it does, dug by The British Empire.
  • What an Idiot!: In The King of the Sea the Sultan of Shemmerindan had ordered the American-built (more specifically in Oregon) ironclad warship Nebraska to avenge his father, killed by the Dutch years earlier, and paid a good chunk of the price in advance. When the Americans showed up with the ship they discovered that the Sultan had been assassinated, and his successor told them to keep the advance money and a ship that could have given him power over the whole Indian Ocean. Upon discovering this Yanez lampshaded his stupidity, and promptly asked what the Americans wanted to sell him the ship.
    • In Return to Mompracem it's explained that the Sultan of Varauni has bought Mompracem from the British. The British military might was the only thing keeping Sandokan from marching in and taking the island back-and the plot of the novel is him doing just that and making sure the Sultan of Varauni learns to stay away.