Awesome: Sandokan

  • Sandokan, still weakened by combat wounds and armed with a knife, against a tiger. The tiger survived only ten seconds from when Sandokan found her.
  • In The King of the Sea, Yanez and some of the Tigers of Mompracem are about to be overwhelmed by large numbers of Dayaks boarding their ship. Cue a passing ironclad warship noticing their plight and exterminate the Dayaks.
    • Later in the novel, the same ironclad, that Yanez rechristened King of the Sea, takes on a squadron from the East India Station and wins, saving Sandokan and the surviving Tigers of Mompracem in the process.
    • The King of the Sea's last stand. Outnumbered and outgunned five to one and with reduced mobility due having exhausted her coal supply, she fought to the last, inflicting harsh damage to the enemy ships.
      • At the start of the engagement we have one for the Mad Scientist Paddy O'Brien. Captured by the Tigers earlier in the story, the self-styled Demon of War had stayed with them to use his Death Ray (supposed to ignite explosives from distance, thus blowing up enemy ships' munition magazines) for their cause if they needed him. Given the situation, Yanez dares him to prove it works... And he instantly blows up an enemy ship. He didn't continue with the rest of the fleet only because an enemy grenade killed him and destroyed his device...