Funny: Sandokan

  • From The Tigers of Mompracem:
    • In the second battle of the novel, Sandokan and two prahos worth of pirates are fighting a British cruiser and, knowing they're hopelessly outgunned, they're paddling to reach and board the enemy ship. They're almost there... Cue the steam warship move away to avoid boarding, with the pirates screaming obscenities and insults at the British ship.
    • Sandokan and Yanez have infiltrated lord Guillonk's villa, and are hidden inside a large furnace in a greenhouse. A British patrol passes there, and Yanez is cackling because nobody would suspect them to be hidden there... Cue the Genre Savvy soldiers wonder if the furnace is large enough to house two people, decide it's not, and then check anyway just to be on the safe side, causing a massive Oh Crap! for Yanez (they got away because it was too dark for them to be seen).
    • Yanez telling Sandokan to stop being an idiot and just cripple the pursuing British gunboat for a whole night.
    • The British lieutenant's stoic reaction when he found out his prisoner Sandokan had easily broken his chains.
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