YMMV / SaGa Frontier 2

  • Player Punch - An optional example is Cordelia's death during 'Inflitrate! Alexei Gang', since it occurs if the player uses her for the solo mission in that scenario... Which an unwary player might do because they like her. Whoops.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot - The relationship between Leslie and Gustave. Even though the two of them were childhood friends who were always bickering, it's obvious to everyone that despite their bickering, both of them actually cared for each other and even more. In fact it was Leslie that convince Gustave to reconcile with his siblings. It's too bad the game skipped it and never mentions if their relationship went further. If it did, it would have made a good love story and made it more heartbreaking if Leslie learns about Gustave's death.
  • Too Cool to Live: Gustave XIII.
  • Woolseyism: The French translation of the game took some liberties with some weapon and spell art names, which can be seen as improvements:
    • Call Thunder becomes Chant de Thor (Thor's song).
    • Heaven's Thunder becomes Tonnerre de Zeus (Zeus's Thunder), a French expression.
    • Heart Beat becomes Tachycardie (Tachycardia).
    • Regenerate becomes Majesté vitale (Vital majesty).
    • Head Splitter becomes En pleine tête (which could be roughly translated as Headshot), which match the attack's effects perfectly.
    • Painful Beat becomes Aîe Aîe Aîe (Ouch Ouch Ouch).
    • Guard Beast becomes Cerbère (Cerberus). Cerberus is the guardian of hell's gates, and since the spell effects summon the head of a wolf-like beast which can block attacks directed at your character, the translation was rather clever.