YMMV: Reiko The Zombie Shop

  • Complete Monster: Saki Yurikawa is a mentally messed-up, knife-wielding serial killer obsessed with finding little girls to replace her dead ( actually comatose) little sister. When the girls refuse to comply or make Saki made in any way, she snaps. Her two debut stories in the first volume, Dead Sister, reveal that she has already killed over 30 little girls, including one of her classmates, an investigative reporter, her cameraman, and Reiko Himezono herself. In the case of the investigative reporter, Saki had threatened to kill her daughter if she didn't get to her apartment in 10 minutes. The reporter managed to get to the apartment in time. Saki already killed her daughter. In the battle against Reiko, Saki finally gets her Laser-Guided Karma by way of Reiko summoning a portal to hell, where Saki is greeted by her many victims. All this despite Reiko being reduced to a severed head. In the next volume onward, Saki is now forced to silently serve Reiko as her personal zombie.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: The manga includes fan art people have sent in which disturbingly portrays characters like Saki and Riruka in saccharine settings, despite their horrific actions. There are also a lot of fans out their who cosplay as Saki.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Some fans choose to ignore everything after the first volume, due to the transition from straight horror to Shōnen Genre-styled action horror.
  • Narm: At times, some of the Nightmare Faces can be as goofy-looking as those in Higurashi.
  • Nightmare Fuel: One of the sickest examples comes from the second volume when one of Riruka's minions, a pervert called Norota, summons his personal zombie. Norota is a slimy creep who makes it blatantly clear that he would've had his way with young Mayoh, and controls his zombie, an imbecilic executioner named Kenneth, with a little girl doll. Norota does so by offering to show Kenneth the doll's panties if he kills for him. The other summoners, and Reiko, are extremely disturbed by Norota's actions.