YMMV / Red Steel 2

  • Anticlimax Boss: The final fight in your rematch with Shinjiro is really easy. You can perform the Tiger on him and kill him with a few shots from your upgraded rifle.
  • Awesome Art: Admit it, the cel-shaded graphics are beautiful.
  • Complete Monster: Shinjiro is the mastermind behind the Jackal Gang and Katakara and the annihilation of the Kusaragi Clan. Desiring the ancient Gale Sword, Shinjiro caused the genocide before the events of the game and turned the entire area into a ghost town filled with only bandits and other criminals. Learning the key to his desired prize was with the The Hero, Shinjiro had him hunted down and took whatever measures it would take to kill him in order to fulfill his ambition, including letting many of his men die from either the Hero, or by his own hands when he abandons them to save himself from the Hero. Seeing his two allies Payne and Ojiro killed by the one he desires dead, he didn't care one bit, and continued his quest for the sword, which includes taking the Hero's friends hostage, and forcing his own ally to betray the Hero. When the Hero finally got to kill this ruthless bandit leader, he taunts the Hero, claiming more will be after him. Despicable enough to do anything for the precious Gale Sword, Shinjiro left the once thriving dessert into a wasteland full of the worst of the worst.
  • Fridge Logic:
  • Game-Breaker: The Tiger. This even works on bosses, making the difficulty drop like a rock for the whole game.
  • Narm: "I'm gonna cut your throat with your own Katana! Poetic ain't it?"
  • That One Boss: Shinjiro's first encounter. He moves and attacks very quickly and deals a lot of damage if one doesn't use the Tiger efficiently.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: It's clear they were trying to do more with the plot, but it feels really barebones for the most part. Not only do you never find out why you were banished from your clan, but the characters are mostly flat and what little exposition there is doesn't really do much for the story.