Funny / Red Steel 2

  • Payne just can't resist shouting out hundreds of funny death threats whenever he runs into the hero or tries to run into him with a truck in a Press X to Not Die instance. He even shouts them when falling to his death.
  • When Jian finds out you're alive, he gives us this gem: "So, apparently you are still alive and we won't all have to die excrutiatingly painful deaths. Exciting!" All said in a tone that makes us wondering if he's being sarcastic or not.
  • Some of the mission titles and descriptions are pretty dang funny.
    • In one mission, you have to blow up half the trucks in town. The description is "Blowing up their stuff is an excellent way to get their attention." In a sidequest, you have to blow up the other half. The description for this one is: "You've stopped the looting. But blowing up their trucks is fun.
    • One sidequest has you tearing down (read: shooting down and/or stabbing) wanted posters with your face on it. There are three seperate sidequests for doing this, one for three different toOn your next playthrough, take a closer look at the wns. The first one is called "You've got a fan". The second one is called "You've got more fans" and has the description "Somebody's put up wanted posters of you. In a ghost town." The third sidequest? "You must be famous".
    • One mission takes place on the obligatory train level, which gets blown up at the end. The next time you take a train, what's the mission called? "Try not to blow this one up".
  • Upon entering the Lower city and clashing with the Katakara clan for the first time, Tamiko claims they're just a myth. Jian gives a legendary bit of snark in return.
    Tamiko: That's just a story! There's no Katakara clan anymore.
    Jian: No? Good. Then we are all safe! I will become a gardener.