YMMV: ROM: Space Knight

  • Adaptation Displacement: The comic is more well-known than the toy it was based on.
  • Complete Monster: Hybrid is the mutant son of a human woman and a Dire Wraith. He took to the lessons in evil and power that his Dire Wraith tutors taught him so well that his father (who had reformed out of love for Hybrid's mother) feared that he was worse than his fellow Wraiths. Since the Dire Wraiths are in general pretty bad themselves, that's saying something. In his debut, Hybrid murders his parents, pits Rom and the X-Men against each other by pretending to be a helpless child, and tries to kidnap Kitty Pryde so he can rape her as part of his plan to breed an army of hybrids like himself. He also plans to do the same thing to all other female mutants. All at the age of fifteen. When Hybrid shows up again in Avengers Academy, he is just as evil and more powerful.
  • Fridge Horror: Some of you might wonder how the female Wraiths were going to reproduce after killing off their males. Here's a possible answer...they weren't! They may have turned into Death Seekers and Omnicidal Maniacs. In other words, they wanted to destroy everyone and everything and they didn't care if they died, as long as everything else died with them! Eek!
  • Nightmare Fuel - The female Wraiths
  • Tear Jerker - There were many, but one of the most notable is when Rom believed a little girl he'd spent the whole issue trying to save had died. He cradled the body in his arms, and Namor heard him making soft choking sounds and realized that as a cyborg, he couldn't shed tears. Namor's medics are actually able to save her, but they have to turn her into a water-breather to do it. She seems okay with that, and Rom is of course relieved.