YMMV: Pokémon the Movie: Black/White

  • Human-Focused Adaptation: One of the main criticisms of the films: by putting too much focus on Ash and Damon, not having enough Pokémon battles, making Iris and Cilan mostly background characters, and having Reshiram and Zekrom appear for a total of ten minutes.
  • Hype Backlash: When the (dual) movie was released, it generated quite a bit more hype than usual - possibly due to the popularity of its namesake games and the anime series appearing to get a bit better at the time, as well as the dual-movie gimmick and limited US theatrical release. Now the movie's largely been forgotten, and especially isn't considered to be up to the standards of the better movies in the series (including its immediate successor). Not helping matters is Best Wishes widely being considered the anime's Dork Age, although this movie is far from the lowest point of the Unova season.