YMMV / Placebo

  • Awesome Music: "Blind" from Meds and "Exit Wounds" from Loud Like Love hit soaring heights of power.
    • "Every You, Every Me" and "The Never-Ending Why", among other, show how hard Placebo can rock when they put their minds to it.
  • Ear Worm: All the repeated lyrics of "English Summer Rain" make the song a shoo-in for this trope.
    • "Pure Morning" will never leave your head once your hear its repeated pulse beat and multiple repetitions of "A friend in need's a friend indeed".
  • Ending Fatigue: The end of "Ask For Answers" is over a minute and a half of a repeated guitar riff, one that was nowhere to be found in the rest of the song. One has to wonder why that riff is there, because it's not like the song would be very short without it.
  • Epic Riff: The riff from "Pure Morning" is one, loud, droning chord.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Placebo is surprisingly popular in Greece.
  • Face of the Band: Brian.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Are you really surprised?
  • Narm: "Too Many Friends" even made a few diehard fans chuckle at its particularly on-the-nose lyrics.
    • The rapper(!) on "Spite & Malice."
  • Older Than They Think: "Ashtray Heart" is more than just a Battle For The Sun track — it's actually the original name for the band.
  • Signature Song: "Pure Morning," "Every You, Every Me" or "Nancy Boy."
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Brian Molko. Pictures like this and this don't help.