Nightmare Fuel / Placebo

  • "Evil Dildo," the hidden track on Without You I'm Nothing, chock full of insanely distorted guitars and threatening messages left on Brian's answering machine. The sample of Aphex Twin's "Funny Little Man" at the end makes it even more disturbing.
  • "Brick Shithouse," a story about a homicide, then the murderer stealing the victim's lover, all witnessed by the ghost of the victim:
    "When you cum you never make a single sound
    I'll be watching when he's around."
  • "Then the Clouds Will Open for Me" is a bonus track off the European release of Sleeping with Ghosts, featuring just the every-beat strumming of an acoustic guitar and Brian singing a somewhat unpredictable melody along his higher range. Sonically, it feels dissonant and simultaneously boxed-in and like it's constantly about to tip over and fall apart, and coupled with the cryptic and morbid lyrics, it's just eerie.