YMMV / Our Miss Brooks

  • Dork Age: The fourth season of the TV series.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Again, the controversial final (1955-1956) television season. Marriage to Mr. Boynton has always been her series goal. Executive Meddling saw Miss Brooks take a new job teaching at a private elementary school when Madison High was suddenly ordered torn down for a new freeway (somehow Madison High had ended up in Los Angeles after always previously been in the Madison). Miss Brooks found herself chased by the school's gym teacher. The new format was unpopular among show fans, and even Eve Arden herself. Mr. Boynton was brought back toward the end of the season in response to popular demand, and the last few episodes saw Miss Brooks pursue him as of old.
    • Canon Discontinuity is at play here. The events of the final television season were ignored on the radio season, where Miss Brooks continued at Madison as per normal. The program ended with a theatrical series finale that, again, ignored the final television season, and concluded the story at Madison High School (which was in the City of Madison and definitely not in Los Angeles!).