YMMV / One Missed Call

  • Broken Base: It's largely debated whether or not the remake should be titled: "The Terrible Remake With Horrible CGI and Acting That Killed All J-Horror Forever" or "A Fairly Decent Horror Movie With A Few Good Jump Scares".
  • Narm:
    • The trailer for the remake, with an ominous announcer voice saying, "When your call goes straight to voicemail, your world goes straight to Hell." Bonus points for the victim-to-be saying, "That's not my ringtone." in a terrified almost-whisper.
    • An exorcism being performed on a cell phone.
    • The incredible CGI Demon Baby Holding a Cell Phone.
    • Takehiro's death in Final. It would be terrifying, had they not died from barfing up feathers. The fact that this was a case of The Dog Bites Back plus the demonic growling they made while the evil feathers shot out of his mouth puts what should be Nightmare Fuel into the category of Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Tear Jerker: Naotoís Heroic Sacrifice in the first sequel. Kyokoís reaction is just gut-wrenching.
    • Jin-woís death in Final.
  • The Woobie:
    • Laurel Layton, who was being abused by her sister. Also, Marie Layton, who was suspected of being behind the abuse of Laurel, discovered her elder daughter Ellie was the true culprit, locked Ellie in her bedroom not knowing she would suffocate and die from an asthma attack, was the first victim of the curse when she burned to death, died still suspected of being an abusive mother, left her youngest daughter alone and having to go into care, something she had tried to prevent by searching for the real cause of the abuse, and didn't have her body found for months. And then when she's found, her body WEEPS as it crawls towards Beth before protecting her. She later returns to protect Beth again, but then Andrews' phone starts to ring at the end of the film, meaning either her sacrifice was for nothing or her ordeal still isn't over.
    • Takako in the first sequel. Her twin sister was killed by the curse when they were only children, and she partly blames herself for it.