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YMMV: 127 Hours
  • Alternative Character Interpretation - Is Aron a hero who exemplifies the strength of the human will to survive, an idiot who paid a very dear price for a stupid mistake, or both at once?
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Festival by Sigur Ros springs to mind. The music alone makes the last scene of the movie extremely touching, heartwarming and awesome all at the same time. Catharsis, indeed.
  • Hell Is That Noise - Watch out for the horrible sounds that play when Aron touches the nerve in his forearm, and when he snaps his radius and ulna. This second sound was augmented by being mixed with the sound of a gun shot.
  • Nausea Fuel - Yes, Aron is eventually forced to drink his own urine.
    • After he frees himself, he's so desperate for water that he drinks water from a stagnant pool with tons of dead bugs in it.

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