Trivia / 127 Hours

  • Dueling Movies: With Soul Surfer, a film about Bethany Hamilton (another athlete who loses a limb).
  • Enforced Method Acting: The set builders for the crevice designed it so that each section can pull away individually, so that the film crew have plenty of space to work in. Danny Boyle opted not to use that feature (or at least sparingly) at it would mitigate the claustrophobia necessary for Franco's performance. Thus the entire crew had to also fit in that narrow passage.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Aron Ralston was approached by the producers of the Saw movies. He was understandably hesitant to work with them.
    • Even after Danny Boyle took over, the film as it is now wasn't the one they planned to make. Boyle wanted Cillian Murphy to play Aron initially.