YMMV / Neverwinter

  • Awesome Music: Neverwinter's soundtrack is pretty bland and generic as a whole, but the theme of Protector's Enclave, the game's Hub Level and central marketplace can really grow on you.
  • Broken Base:
    • September 2015's patches led to two massive changes to the way players gained Astral Diamonds. First of all, it's now impossible to gain them without playing the game due their removal from the Leadership profession. Second, the long-standing bonus Astral Diamond times for Dungeons and Skirmishes have been removed in favor of static payouts per run (3000 for the first two runs and 750 for each additional run). Some players are on board with this, having rarely used the Leadership profession and are thus unperturbed by the changes. However, a great many more players (many of them solo players) were outraged by the change, calling it a foolish decision that took away their sole source of steady Astral Diamond income due to the fact that much of the game's content takes place outside of Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP, thus forcing players to spend time grinding it out in those areas instead of advancing their campaigns for boons and building their Strongholds.
    • The Oathbound Paladin and Scourge Warlock classes have become this for longtime Devoted Cleric players due to the former's capability to heal just as well if not better than the clerics. Some enjoy the ability to move out of the role of being the only healers in favor of more action-oriented builds. Others are irritated that their concrete role in parties has been displaced, weakening them as a class choice overall.
    • PvP is another breaker due to the way it's structured. Matchmaking places any players within the same 9 levels in a match against each other with a grand total of five maps to fight on, most of which are control point based. This is all fine and dandy until players hit level 60. Then balance gets turned on its head as new players are shell-shocked by the blatant difference in power they have to face when pitted against long-time veterans and cash players who are decked out in the best gear (such enchantments that revive players and provide them with invincibility along with extreme damage and defense differences), pummeling them without a fight and rendering many matches practically unwinnable. Naturally, this has earned the game quite a bit of criticism, accusing the developers of inserting it as an afterthought without even thinking of balancing it.
    • The Cryptic's transaction system is equally notorious, blatantly favoring players who shell out cash. It's pretty easy to find players who accuse the game of being Pay-To-Win, which in all honesty is pretty hard to argue against due to the sheer power of many cash-based items which are insurmountably better than the ones normally obtainable (for reference, the normally obtainable mounts give you 50% bonus movement speed, the cash mounts from the lockboxes give you 110% percent!). This was taken further with the addition of the VIP System, which basically allows cash payers to ignore several limiting game mechanics such granting as the ability to invoke anywhere as well as increasing their Astral Diamond gain.
  • The Woobie: Many, MANY characters in the game.
    • The Linkletters were a happily married couple until Dorothea was afflicted with the Spellplague. Helpless due to the Protector's law Josef hides her condition and seeks the help of a rogue wizard named Rhazzad who seems to be able to treat her... only for the wizard to use her along with dozens of other people he "helped" to open a portal to unleash the abberants on Neverwinter in an attempt to become a god. During this time Josef is also afflicted with the plague and is forced to attack the adventurer who came to help him and his wife. After the incident the two join Scar Company in an attempt to save what little humanity they had left, but Josef's deteriorating condition nearly makes him attempt to end it all, only to be saved once again by the adventurer. However, it's implied that the treatment is temporary and may only last a few weeks if not days, leaving all hopes of a normal life for the couple murky at best.