YMMV / Need For Madness?

Need For Madness?

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The game's music consists of slightly modified or verbatim copies of tracker modules found on The Mod Archive. The music in every stage is unique and specifically chosen because it just fits the stage it is used in so well. For examples, here are the pieces used in the second-last stage of both games: "Paradise City" by Ascender for Stage 10 of NFM1 and Shadowrun for Stage 16 of NFM2. Imagine trying to race around two incredibly frustrating stages doing barrel rolls and skirting stuff that will waste you while listening to those. Even "Lazerzad" by Stroggler for the first stage of the original Need For Madness deserves a special mention.
  • Nightmare Fuel: A lot of players have described absolute panic and terror when they're stuck and M A S H E E N or El King is speeding straight towards them, or when they think they're safe and El King smashes right into them. And when you're on the Fast and the Furious+The Radical, feel terror of the massive truck is participating. You'll be speeding round the track, thinking that you're safe, when you see its headlights. Many players barely escape! Basically, the two wasters are the personification of Nightmare Fuel here. The levels they're on are akin to torture chambers, with lots of traps, spikes and wall-sided ramps.
  • That One Level: The second-to-last stage in both games are always the hardest, mostly because they are very hard to navigate. Oh yes, and the Gun Run.