YMMV / Munich

  • Anvilicious: The final shot is of the New York skyline circa-1970s, including the World Trade Center.
    Avner: There's no peace at the end of this.
  • Award Snub: Crash beat it for Best Picture. There aren't quite as many people angry about Munich losing as about Brokeback Mountain, but there still are many...
  • He Really Can Act: After about five years of average projects, Eric Bana finally gets a chance to make good on and even surpass the potential promised by Chopper.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This film features three prominent James Bond actors: a future Bond (Daniel Craig), as well as a former (Michael Lonsdale) and later (Mathieu Amalric) Bond villain. Even funnier, the latter two play father and son.
  • Internet Backdraft: It was drowned out somewhat by the much bigger controversy over Brokeback Mountain that year, but Munich did have its own backlash from people who thought that the main characters were portrayed as "terrorists" and/or that the Munich perpetrators they were hunting down were depicted too sympathetically. Various pro-Israel groups organized boycotts of the film.
    • And for the record, several anti-Israel people, like Christopher Hitchens, criticized the film too.
  • Narm: Near the end of the film, Avner seemingly has a vision/flashback/what have you of the deaths at Munich while having sex with his wife—this is the last of several such scenes in which Avner thinks about the events at Munich, despite the fact that Avner can't possibly know what actually happened, making it all a bit strange. What makes the scene even more Narmish is that he climaxes when he imagines their actual deaths, making the viewer assume that's what gets him off.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Mance Rayder is a member of Avner's team as is James Bond