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YMMV: Mr. Magoo
  • He Really Can Act: In universe Magoo is actually an accomplished actor despite his visual problems.
    • Out of universe, Jim Backus sings a truly heartwrenching song in the Christmas Carol.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol, there are some truly frightening scenes when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows up, such as when Scrooge sees the undertaker, the charwoman, and the maid selling his wretched goods off to the pawnbroker with much twisted glee all around. Really, for a kid's cartoon from the 1960s, they were downright vile.
    • There were some even nastier moments in The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo. For instance, in the ones (very loosely) adapting Frankenstein and Gunga Din, they actually kill Magoonote  at the end. ON SCREEN!
  • Tear Jerker: Young Ebeneezer's song in the Christmas Carol (which gets an equally—if not more—heartbreaking reprise by adult Ebeneezer later; bet you never thought Jim Backus would make you cry).
    Where is the voice to answer mine back?
    Where are two shoes that click to my clack?
    I'm all alone in the world.

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