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YMMV: Mr Lucky
  • Awesome Music: Henry Mancini's soundtrack is spectacular enough to warrant its own separate CD in the DVD set. The theme music reached #21 on the U. S. singles charts.
  • Escapist Character: Mr. Lucky. Who wouldn't want to be tall, dark, handsome, rich and (almost) never lose?
  • Funny Moments: When Andamo combines making breakfast with foiling hijackers in "Her Maiden Voyage."
  • Heartwarming Moments: In the episode "I Bet Your Life," Lucky is being actively targeted by an assassin but refuses to remain aboard the Fortuna in relative safety. Andamo tries unsuccessfully to talk him out of going ashore alone, then calls him back from the door before falling uncharacteristically silent, too worried for words, much less his usual jokes. Lucky pats him affectionately on the cheek, smiles and promises to be careful.

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