Trivia / Mr. Lucky

  • Blooper: At one point in "I Bet Your Life," Lucky and Andamo are almost hit by a huge chunk of masonry which falls off the roof of a building behind them. As they turn around in surprise after it lands, Ross Martin slips in a puddle of water and ends up on the ground. John Vivyan quickly helps him up, neither actor breaks character and they continue with the scene, so, rather than take the time to reset and reshoot a rather long, complicated sequence, the accident is left in, though the transition to the next shot is unusually abrupt as a result.
  • Executive Meddling: This show was "one of the year's two big hits" according to a contemporary TV Guide article; however, the gambling theme proved to be its undoing. The show's sponsors first demanded that the casino be turned into a restaurant (apparently in response to recent quiz show scandals), then canceled their sponsorship at the end of the season. No one else picked it up and it was consigned to TV history.
  • Fake Nationality: Ross Martin was a Polish-born Jew, not Hispanic.
  • I Am Not Spock: For some years after the show aired, people who recognized Ross Martin on the street would address him as "Andamo."
  • Production Posse: Blake Edwards brought in a number of personnel from his other productions to work on the show.
  • Sleeper Hit: It was one of the highest rated new series of its season.
  • Star-Making Role: For Ross Martin. Though he's best remembered today as Artemus Gordon, it was in this show that he first made a name for himself - so much so that he had to struggle to avoid typecasting. The role of Mr. Lucky was widely expected to be this for John Vivyan, especially given the show's success; unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case.