YMMV: Motorstorm

  • Even Better Sequel: The first game was mostly well-received but received criticism for its lack of content (only 8 tracks, and no alternate modes up until a downloadable Time Attack well after the release), a visually-repetitive setting, a lack of offline multiplayer, and Loads and Loads of Loading. Pacific Rift significantly improved on all of these issues.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: In case you were unaware that Motorstorm R.C. was brought to you by Scion, the loading screens will gladly remind you that "MOTORSTORM R.C. WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY SCION AND YOU WOULD BE EXTREMELY COOL IF YOU OWNED A SCION SO YOU SHOULD BUY ONE!" Motorstorm R.C. isn't just brought to you by Scion, its also a Motorstorm game In Name Only. Also the Scion handles beter than all the unlicensed Expy cars... I wonder why.