• Author's Saving Throw: After missing their stated release date and tentative release month, the Mother 4 team announced they wouldn't be stating anymore possible release dates until they knew damn well the game was ready for release. To quell any angry fans over this, they started to become more open about the game in such aspects as gameplay, plot, settings, and other such things on their blogs, in addition to starting up bi-weekly blog updates when previously they only updated every other few months.
  • Awesome Art: The pixel art is top-notch. There's also a surprising amount of attention to detail with it. Quite a few buildings allow you to look in and see certain rooms, and there's a lot of minor things you likely won't notice until further playthroughs.
  • Broken Base:
    • Everything about the game, from the graphics to the dialogue to the title, is debated among fans, all based on a single trailer. Being an even remotely promising Fan Sequel in a highly regarded series where the last official game is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made likely has something to do with it.
    • They've gotten quite a bit of flack for their design philosophy of: "We always prioritize quality over speed. We throw away NPCs. We scrap songs. We redesign the UI until itís right. We add more content. Work and create, change and edit, toss and delete. Start again. That has been our process and will be until the game is ready." Many have pointed out that said design philosophy usually results in games that never get done, as no one is ever one hundred percent satisfied with their work, and is a common pitfall many Indie / Fangame developers fall into, and they should be okay with not making everything one hundred percent perfect. note  On the other side of the scale, people commend their decision on that to make sure it lives up to the hype, quoting Miyamoto's "A delayed game can be made great eventually, but a rushed game is bad forever." quote in regards to it. note 
    • Leo's Smoking Is Cool part of his characterization. It's Deliberate Values Dissonance to play up the idealized 50s vibe, but many still feel it's something that shouldn't be played up as such even for that, what with the many health hazards that come with it and the raising awareness of such in this day and age.
    • The fact that it's a fan game sequel to the MOTHER trilogy in the first place. There's obviously quite a few purists who refuse to even get it a chance since it's not official and/or doesn't have Itoi involved in it in any way, while there's a few who feel the game should have been its own game in its own right, citing the amount of effort put into it is way above fangame standards, and thus doesn't deserve to get lumped into the Sturgeon's Law that's often associated with fangames. The fact that the devs could have easily made a lot of money off of it if that were the case is another reason people feel it should have been its own game, since that way the developers could have made some profit for all the years of hard work they put into it. Naturally though, other people are just hyped, be it a fangame sequel or a standalone title.
    • And then the devs announced that they are officially breaking off the Mother name from the project to turn it into an original I.P., to preemptively deal with any fears of it getting a C&D by Nintendo like other notable fangames as of late. On one hand, many are calling it a very smart move on the devs part going off of what had happened with other fangames at the time. However, fans hoping for the fan sequel to the series, especially after following it for so many years were, naturally, none too happy about the rebranding.
    • The game being completely free and developed without any type of backing or crowdfunding. Some are happy that the developers have managed to keep their promise on the game being free to obtain while others wouldn't mind paying for the game and feel the developers deserve compensation for their work. Likewise, some fans feel crowdfunding would increase the game's quality and help it come out sooner while others don't trust or support crowdfunded games that cater to nostalgia, especially after what happened with Mighty No. 9.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • So far even with little information of what is going to be in the game and where its music will play, there are already quite a few catchy music tracks that have been revealed and made for the game. Examples can be found here and here
    • Each character has their own level up tune and when characters are leveling up simultaneously the themes make the song "larger". Awesome music indeed.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A lot of people are hyped about the Modern Mind, despite having only appeared in a single trailer thus far.
  • Funny Moments:
    • On the site, hovering over the character sprites reveals their age, hometown, and favorite thing. Then there's Leo's:
    Age: Buzz off
    Hometown: What are you, a cop?
    Favorite Thing: Dishwashers note 
    • The gameplay trailer lists all of the things you can do in Mother 4. One of these includes "Be a drag", which is followed by a clip of Travis walking around with Floyd being dragged along the ground behind him.
      • Better yet, when Travis comes across a dumpster while doing so, he briefly turns to look at Floyd as if contemplating the obvious.
    • During an update showing off the writing process, they showed off what happens if you check the dead cow bones in the desert area.
    Cow bones.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The development team's stated goal of June 2015. Come the April 2015 Nintendo Direct's announcement of a certain young lad's inclusion in the newest Smash Bros. game...
  • The Law of Fan Jackassery: Seems to be at the peak point, mostly thanks to the infamous video claiming it's coming out in Winter 2014. Before the video, comments were mostly supportive. After the video caused the game to gain a wider audience, suddenly there seems to be a large group attempting to turn this game into the next Duke Nukem Forever. note 
  • Internet Backdraft: The rebranding to an original IP. Regardless of the sound reasoning for it many people who followed it as a Fan Sequel project to the Mother series ended up feeling extremely cheated, and even some of the game's most vocal defenders when it came to the very lengthy development cycle ended up jumping ship because of this, with a few proclaiming it to be the final nail in the coffin. To give an idea; the day the announcement was made on the official Reddit page, the subreddit in question ended up trending for a few days...with most of the people there mainly complaining about the change.
  • Memetic Loser: Floyd seems to be gaining this representation in the fandom, due to him being dragged along in the gameplay trailer. This meme seems to have caught on with the Dev team, as the game's Attract Mode shows the direct inverse with Travis being dragged behind Floyd. Somehow, it makes Floyd seem more like a Butt-Monkey to the fans than he already was with them.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Mother 4ever is gaining more and more popularity as the development process goes on, mostly by those who view this game as the next Duke Nukem Forever. Similarly, "Mother takes 4 ever" is also a similar snowclone based on the infamous Duke Nukem takes forever meme.
    • "COMING WINTER 2014!"
  • Never Live It Down: This game's rather lengthy development history nearly reaches Duke Nukem Forever when it comes to memetic status. In particular, their botched winter 2014 release date has become rather prime Snark Bait from the games detractors.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Arguably the teaser, since its sound effects are unsettling and the music goes from somewhat creepy to very evil-sounding. However, this was probably their intention.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: The game seems to be heading more and more this way with each passing year. Never mind its incredible polish and attention to detail, if you ask anyone about this game, you're more likely to hear someone crack a joke at how wishy-washy the development team is and how the development process makes Duke Nukem Forever look like The Flash by comparison. And then they decided to rebrand it to an original I.P., which you only need to look above at Internet Backdraft to know how that went over. At this point, even fans of the game itself are slowly agreeing that it won't matter how great the game is on its own; it'll always be more well known for its absolutely insane development cycle.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The game began life and went most of its development as a fanmade MOTHER game. However, after several months of silence from the developers, it was revealed that the game would be going through heavy rebranding to avoid legal issues.