YMMV / Morgaine Cycle

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome — Morgaine and Vanye have them, as do several side characters.
    • The battle of Nehmin in "Fires of Azeroth" is chock full of these for several different characters. It's practically a CMOA Storm.
      • They come so fast and thick for Vanye that the whole battle qualifies for him.
      • Merir has two, in fairly rapid succession: Charging headlong and unarmored into a massive Shiua cavalry charge, taking down most of the first few enemy ranks with a wave of Gate-force and later prying Changeling from Morgaine's paralyzed hand, is clearly tempted but then sheathes and returns it to her.
      • Roh's You Shall Not Pass moment.
      • The nameless little Arrha girl's Heroic Sacrifice by way of Taking You with Me - she deliberately unveils her Gate jewel while Morgaine is wielding Changeling and sets up a Phlebotinum Overdose causing the null field of Changeling's Gate-force to bridge to her position, sucking herself, a bunch of enemy troops and half of a cliffside into nowhere. This blocks the causeway, preventing the enemy from getting at the heroes anymore. Not to mention her earlier dogged determination to take part in Merir's charge against the Shiua cavalry despite having fallen off of her horse.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming — In Gate of Ivrel:
  • Values Dissonance — Gallons of it between Vanye's Kurshin culture and Morgaine's ruthless sensibilities, then again between both of them and the people of Shiuan, especially the Khalur lords. This is also one of the roots of the conflict between Morgaine and Chya Zri/Liell/Roh.
  • The Woobie — Vanye.