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YMMV: Mary Worth
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Mary Worth a wise old woman or a meddling old she-devil?
  • Arc Fatigue: To quote CC's Quote of the Week: "...Where's the fire, there, Sparky? So far in 2010 there's been at least a solid four and a half months of watching people read e-mail, or think about e-mail they've recently read."
  • Complete Monster: Nola, who among other things ruined a man's life by framing him for embezzlement so she could steal his job and ruined a marriage by seducing a married man just because she could and who sees nothing wrong with ruining lives to get ahead in life.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Aldo, probably to blame on The Comics Curmudgeon. See Ascended Meme.
    • And Wilbur Weston (the sandwich-lover). And Helen (hic) Clark. And Jill Black. The Curmudgeon, of course, is to blame.
  • Heteronormative Crusader: Got a character who's not paired up with someone of the opposite sex? That just won't do, and Mary will take care of it.
    • Although Mary's never actually done anything to show herself as homophobic: it's just that gay people don't exist in the strip. Then again, neither do people with brown eyes.
  • Narm Charm: Why The Comics Curmudgeon and his readers seem to adore the hokey strip so much. The author seems fully aware of that fact, and opened up her Cafepress with items prominently featuring Mary at her meddlingest.
  • Too Soon: The story arc dealing with Dawn and Wilbur on a cruise in Italy that ended up reenacting the Costa Concordia incident. While six months had passed since the disaster, at the time the storyline started the Italian authorities hadn't even begun the trial of the ship's captain.

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