YMMV / Mana-Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

  • Crazy Awesome: Flay's the most unnaturally gifted teacher this side of Superman.
  • Epileptic Trees: apart from being defeated by Flay, what set the Light Mana against the concept of humans and Mana living together is a Mana dying from childbirth in a relationship with a human. Here is where the Wild Mass Guessing comes in: Pepperoni is the child of the human-Mana union.
    • Fairly safe to say he's either this or a Mana in serious denial, due to the fact that the fairy hat he wears is hiding a miniature tree growing on his head.
      • He is most likely a human/mana hybrid because Reicher wasn't able to banish him with his sword.
  • Ho Yay: Pepperoni and Goto are uncomfortably chummy with one another for most of the game, despite Goto's repeated assurances that he "doesn't swing that way." Raze and Reicher appear this way to Lily, during one of her many perverted fantasies.
    • Yun and Raze as well, especially during the former's character quests in later chapters.
    • Goto intentionally invokes this during one character quest, wrestling with Pepperoni and then chasing Enna around the library. Tons of innuendo are included. It's a ploy to deter Marta from seriously pursuing Goto. It doesn't work.
  • Sequelitis: While a good game in its own right, some compared it to its predecessor and found it lacking. Among the most often heard complaints are the lack of depth in the character quests. While the number of CQs per character remain the same, the events generally do little in terms of Character Development and are geared more towards comedy, which reduces the Video Game Caring Potential. The story is also considered less epic compared to the first game. The game mechanics are a mixed bag. While some praised the increased ease with which the players can synthesize items given everything is made in one location, gathering items becomes more tedious, since you don't just slash or push a button, there are minigames for each type of gathering action except fruit and water gathering. You also get less characters in one storyline, which makes auto gathering and synthesis less effective.
  • That One Boss: The Boss of Chapter 8 in Raze's route, which comes with several Mooks. Tetri in Ulrika's route and her Palette Swap in the extra chapter may qualify, since they can prevent your Vanguard from switching with Support.