YMMV / Love and Other Drugs

  • Contractual Purity: While Hathaway had already broken out of hers, this is by far her most shocking role to date.
  • Throws the Line on the Bed and Has its Way with It: Both the sex and the humor in this movie is as raunchy as one can get without showing anyone's genitals.
  • Narm: Maggie knocking a plate over and wailing hysterically. Yes it's frustrating because of the disease, but the way Anne Hathaway starts crying...
    • It was a glass of vodka, and at that point it was the only thing she could take solace in since she had no way of getting her Parkinsons medication and her boyfriend was being a jerk. Yeah, definitely YMMV on that one.
  • Squick: Jamie's brother Josh going at it on his brother's couch watching a tape of his brother have sex with his girlfriend. And then Jamie catches him. He is as horrified as one would expect and soundly beats him with said sex tape.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Gabriel Macht plays the other guy from Prozac and Maggie's ex-boyfriend. At one point Jamie's boss calls Jaime a "Closer"