YMMV / Lilyhammer

  • Anti-Climax Boss: More often than not, these are heavily Played for Laughs.
    • From season 2, the British gangsters who seek vengeance for the death of Duncan, one of their own. In their attempt to execute Roar, they fall through some ice and eventually freeze to death.
    • From season 3, the Lithuanian gangsters. Their lives are spared and they are offered a one-way ticket back to Lithuania. Torgeir accidentally fires a flare gun into their leader/mother, but rather than anger or sadness, the two remaining brothers are quite ecstatic.
    • Also from season 3, the Pakistani crime boss who was overseeing the Lithuanians. They use Jan to lead Frank into a trap, but then Frank leaves the gas on when they come to finish him off and the cabin goes boom.
  • Escapist Character: Frank Tagliano, pseudonym Giovanni "Johnny" Henriksen. The way he challenges the social norms that have become ingrained into the Nordic model, it's no wonder that the show has been so popular in Norway.