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* AntiClimaxBoss: More often than not, these are heavily PlayedForLaughs.
** From season 2, the British gangsters who seek vengeance for the death of Duncan, one of their own. [[spoiler:In their attempt to execute Roar, they fall through some ice and eventually freeze to death.]]
** From season 3, the Lithuanian gangsters. [[spoiler:Their lives are spared and they are offered a one-way ticket back to Lithuania. Torgeir accidentally fires a flare gun into their leader/mother, but rather than anger or sadness, the two remaining brothers are quite ecstatic.]]
** Also from season 3, the Pakistani crime boss who was overseeing the Lithuanians. [[spoiler:They use Jan to lead Frank into a trap, but then Frank leaves the gas on when they come to finish him off and the cabin goes boom.]]
* EscapistCharacter: Frank Tagliano, pseudonym Giovanni "Johnny" Henriksen. [[RefugeInAudacity The way he challenges the social norms that have become ingrained into the Nordic model]], it's no wonder that the show has been so popular in Norway.
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