YMMV / Leftover Soup

  • Author On Board: Tailsteak tries hard to avert this at every turn by presenting everyone's point of view fairly, but when he feels strongly about something, it still tends to show.
  • Critical Research Failure: One minor plot arc has Gina inconsolable because OkCupid has refused her service for being unmatchable due to wanting to not even kiss her prospective husband before they are married. This is nowhere close to how most dating sites work note , but it might have been excused as just being the way one particular fictional site in the fictional Leftover Soup universe worked... except it is specifically stated that the site Gina was on was OkCupid, which is a site that exists in the real world and which does not work that way.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In one story arc, Jamie and Ellie play a game based on cat hoarding, which makes Ellie sad. Jamie suggests a different game, and Ellie proposes a game set in Auschwitz where you collect skeletons. Jamie's reaction?
    "You mean 'Hungry Hungry Hitler?'"
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The plotline in which Jamie, acting in self-defense, is falsely accused of assaulting a black teenager bears uncomfortable similarities to George Zimmerman's side of the story in his shooting of Trayvon Martin, which took place months after this storyline began in the comic.
  • The Scrappy: Lily has few fans, what with being a rabid man-hater who the audience is still expected to sympathise with. It doesn't help that her actual beliefs aren't entirely coherent, as she seems to despise Jamie for being a potential rapist and for not being man enough to be able to rape anyone. Oh, and despite sincerely wanting men to go extinct, she manages to be a Hetero Normative Crusader who thinks lesbianism is a genetic illness to be eliminated (the solution is that everyone should have sex with robots, apparently).
  • The Woobie: Poor Jamie. Gets into a car accident, his insurance company refuses to pay, his lawyer screws him out of his money, the clinic demands payment for not letting them take off his cast, gets mugged, the police charge him with assualt, and the newspaper calls him a racist monster.
    • Max is starting to shape up to be one, too. Information gleaned from various points at the comic tell us that Max was severely bullied in high school, had an older brother who was in the military and died in a training accident, and has such severe manic depression that she not only requires a cocktail of medications to keep it in check, but it caused her to attempt suicide four years prior to the comic's beginning. And finally, a note on that last part: when talking about it, Max refers to it as "the last time I tried to drown myself." Does that mean she made attempts before that?
      • Max has near-identical scars on the top and bottom of her right foot. While this has yet to be addressed in-comic; it's off-handedly mentioned in an author note that her father once took her hunting and said "this hunting trip isn't over until you've shot something". To be fair; it's never explicitly stated that the story and scar are in any way related, and Tailsteak likes to use Exact Words on occasion.