YMMV: Leftover Soup

  • Acceptable Targets: Discussed in The Rant, as Tailsteak feigning outrage at complaints that the character of Richard was racist.
    Tailsteak: Richard was a one-dimensional brute, not because of his race, but because he was male, seventeen, poor, stupid, and had a habit of abusing recreational narcotics. I'm not a racist - I'm a sexist, an ageist, a classist, an intellectualist, and a narcoticist! Those are all socially acceptable prejudices.
  • The Woobie: Poor Jamie. Gets into a car accident, his insurance company refuses to pay, his lawyer screws him out of his money, the clinic demands payment for not letting them take off his cast, gets mugged, the police charge him with assualt, and the newspaper calls him a racist monster.
    • Max is starting to shape up to be one, too. Information gleaned from various points at the comic tell us that Max was severely bullied in high school, had an older brother who was in the military and died in a training accident, and has such severe manic depression that she not only requires a cocktail of medications to keep it in check, but it caused her to attempt suicide four years prior to the comic's beginning. And finally, a note on that last part: when talking about it, Max refers to it as "the last time I tried to drown myself." Does that mean she made attempts before that?