YMMV / Ladyhawke

  • Awesome Music: The Main Title music.
  • Broken Base: Go to any retrospective discussion on this movie, and half the comments below it will consist of complaints about The Alan Parsons Project eighties-synth soundtrack. While many fans feel that the incongruous nature of the music helps Ladyhawke stand out from the pack of sound-alike fantasy films, many others complain that it takes them out of the movie altogether.
  • Cult Classic: It's not the most well-known film of the 80's, but it's very well-loved by most people who've seen it.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Being produced by Alan Parsons and company, several songs reflect some of his groups works. "Main Title" and any of Philippe's themes reflect the orchestral bridge of "Silence and I" and "I, Robot" respectively, and share many compositional similarities, such as 16th note hi-hat strokes on the crescendos of "Silence and I" and "Main Title."